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Top 3 Reasons to Find Your Happy Career in January

Start the year right! This statement stands the test of time as another year comes rolling in. After the celebrations start to slow down, we can say hello to the month of exciting beginnings and fresh outlooks.

If you’re a jobseeker, January is the best month to find your happy career. Ever wonder why most employees decide to change their jobs at the start of the year? Understand this professional move better with these top three reasons.

  1. New job resolutions are still fresh

January gives you the chance to change anything that’s unfulfilling about your career. If you’re frustrated about insufficient salary, toxic work environment, or lack of progress—then it’s time to look for other options. There is no better time to begin the job search than the start of the year.

  1. Companies usually start new projects in January

After the previous year’s reports, companies are now ready for new projects to increase the bottom line. What does this mean for applicants? There are relatively more options to choose from compared to other months in the year. Exciting times are here!

  1. Employers are eager to fill vacant positions

Data from shows a significant increase of 62 percent in the number of job postings from December to January of the following year. This is because employees usually wait to receive their bonuses and attend their Christmas parties before leaving to start working in a new company for the new year.

If you have been eyeing a company or a job for some time, now is the best time to make your move! Maybe this is your chance to make your dream job a reality.

Takeaway for a Happier January Career Decision

How to make the most out of January’s opportunities? Don’t waste any moment. Prepare your job application’s winning formula. Re-evaluate your resume, prepare your references, and do research on the company that you want to work for. 

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Now who is excited to start the new year with a happy career? Share your new career resolutions in the comment section below. And may the job-hunting odds be ever in your favor.

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