10 Easy Steps for a Smooth Career Change

Change is challenging when you’re thinking of taking another career path. You’re unsure whether the risks and rewards are worth it. It’s a roller-coaster ride of emotions and ideas that can leave us stuck and hesitant to take the giant leap.

At some point, many have been in the same position that you’re in and came out on top. If you’re serious about your decision, following these steps will make your transition smoother. 

Step 1: Think things through
For one last time, review your concerns and consult your closest family and friends for suggestions. Seeing things at a new angle may provide new developments to help you make a better decision.

Step 2: Inform your immediate supervisor ahead
Pushing through with the career change? It’s important to inform the company as soon as possible. Your immediate supervisors will appreciate the early heads-up.

Step 3: Finish your tasks
Finish the thirty-day notice strong! It’s good practice to settle everything before you leave. Better yet, leave a transition document for the person replacing you.

Step 4: Build bridges instead of burning one
There’s really no reason to launch a smear campaign against your previous company. Regardless of how you felt about your job, this will do you more harm than good. Aside from the possible legal issues, you don’t want to lose them as your potential connections or even customers, right? It’s a small world after all.

Step 5: Decide wisely on your next move
Whether you’re taking a short break or jumping right into another career, make sure your next move is a well-thought-out one. The decision to succeed in the future will start here; choose your actions wisely.

Step 6: Get a new job that fits you
Before hitting the submit application button, make sure that this potential job is the right one for you. Update your resume before submitting it. Take the time to evaluate whether the change you are looking for can be found in this new role.

Step 7: Ask questions
In your new career, take advantage of the adjustment period and ask a lot of questions. Let your colleagues teach you the ropes in your new responsibilities. Take the time to study the reference materials prepared by the person before you. This will help you adjust accordingly in no time.

Step 8: Take things lightly
Embrace the idea of challenge in your new job. But don’t sweat the small stuff—you’ll eventually find your own routine. You got this!

Step 9: Let go of the past
You’re in a new company for a change of environment. Avoid making comparisons with your previous companies because this will only make you disengaged from opportunities in front of you. Embrace your new role entirely to start fresh and set yourself up for success.  

Step 10: Have fun
You’re nervous, excited, and challenged. That’s okay! You made it to the other side of the pond . . . and you may not know what’s coming yet, but seize the moment and stay positive!

Changing from one career to another is a courageous step. Not everyone has the guts to do it. All you need now is to believe in yourself and do your best to succeed in your new path.

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Have you experienced changing careers before? What were your favorite transition strategies? Share them in the comments section below.

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