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Help / Tips

For Job Seekers

Here are some simple tips to help you with you job application:

1) Create a professional Resume
  • Place your most current experiences on top
  • Use simple fonts like Arial & Times New Roman
  • Make sure your contact numbers are working (having a landline number is an advantage)
  • Indicate the best time for potential employers to reach you
  • Use a professional looking photo (if your picture is required)
2) Compose a simple Cover Letter
Most applicants disregard the cover letter.  Submiting this document will give you an edge over your competition.  Follow these easy pointers to gain an advantage over other jobseekers:
  • Inform employers how you found out about their job vacancy
  • Tell them what attracted you to apply for their company
  • Specify what specific position you're applying for (DO NOT INDICATE "Any Position")
  • Indicate what qualities on the company's job advertisement are inline with your experience(s), education, and skills
3) Follow instructions carefully
Most employers use the application process like an entrance exam.  Follow instructions on how to apply carefully or else your application will be overlooked.
If you're not applying for a creative position, keep your resume format conservative and stick to the norms/standards. The following are the main sections that you should include in your resume:
Personal Information
  • Name
  • Current Address
  • Contact Numbers (make sure these are updated)
  • Email address (if applicable)
  • Picture (if required)
Career Objective (optional)
  • Indicate the position you are applying for here.
  • Avoid typing "any position available". This will indicate that you are just trying your luck and it can reduce the chances of considering your application seriously.
  • If you are planning to reproduce (photocopy) your resume in multiple copies, you may skip this section and just indicate the position you are applying for in your cover letter.
Work Experience
  • Always indicate the starting and ending date for the jobs you had.
  • Start from the most recent (present job) going down chronologically to your previous jobs. Following this order will emphasize your current level of employment more easily.
  • Indicate the major responsibilities per position
Educational Background
  • Again, start with the latest education you had (usually college) down to the previous schools you attended.
  • Indicate your college course (or major), the name of your school and it's general location (no need to indicate the street address because you want to save space for your other achievements).
Trainings Attended or you current projects and skills
  • This section highlights the skills you have besides the ones required while working on your current or previous jobs
  • We suggest that you use this only if it is connected to the job you are currently applying for.
Character References
  • This section is optional, especially if you are running very low on space (remember you want to limit your resume to a maximum of two-pages).
  • You may put "Available upon request".
  • Make sure you ask permission from your references before submitting or indicating their names.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Try to searching for related jobs at other companies, too!
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