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Career Decisions: Should You Stay Or Should You Go?

They say quitting your job is the hot new millennial trend. How conflicting must it be for us when we recall our parents repeatedly teaching us that winners never quit. Now you’re stuck on whether you should stay or quit your job.

The reality of the working world is that there are no perfect jobs or perfect companies. This is because companies are made up of people, and people change. A job that you think is perfect today could turn into the worse job for you tomorrow, or vice versa.

So before you make a drastic decision, it’s wise to consider dipping your toes into the different scenarios by answering the following questions prior to taking the plunge.

First things first. Are you clear on what you really want for your career?

Having a clear career vision statement will help you get through the difficult times such as right now. This will also help you know what to ask for from your manager. Re-evaluate your job and the company. If they still help you grow into the person you aim to be, maybe that’s good enough reason to stay.

Have you taken every action possible to make your job bearable—if not fun?

Be honest about the situation. How much of the stress, anxiety, and unhappiness is caused by the job or maybe a co-worker? How much of it is caused by yourself? Have you tried taking action? Truly, there are some things you can do at work to take charge of some situations, and moreover, your own perception. Maybe now is the time to re-evaluate yourself and see where the physical and emotional challenges are really coming from. Would changing yourself help? Would you be willing to?

Do your company’s values align with yours?

Jobs are like relationships. And just like finding a partner whose life principles match yours, one of the key ways to be engaged at work is aligning your values with those of your company’s or your team’s. When you passionately dislike something at work, that can be very hard to change, even if you get promoted or transferred to a different department. If this is how you feel, maybe it’s time to start looking for other opportunities. This important decision goes hand in hand with asking yourself and others if the new company you’re considering values the same things that you do.

Is your timing appropriate?

It’s not always easy to get hired, so think strategically about the best time to move forward. Do you have enough savings to afford to be in between jobs? Is there an important task or a big project that you must finish before you go? Is there a possible promotion on the horizon? When you do decide to quit, at least quit at the best time for both yourself and the company. This will allow you to go through the entire process smoothly while maintaining a positive relationship with your current employer.

Deciding whether to stay or to go is a serious decision that will definitely affect your future. Take your time and answer the questions above to help increase your chances of success.

Good luck and happy career hunting!

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