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Tips To Boost Your Creativity At Work

Whether you’re an artist, an accountant or a sales professional, your creativity is a key factor to meet and even exceed your goals.  It can come and go during work hours. Here are some easy tips to give your creativity a boost especially when it starts to run low.

1. Don’t panic. It’s organic.

Funny as it may sound, this statement holds much truth. Remember that it’s only human nature to hit the slump every now and then. So the first step is to accept that this is normal. Now, breathe, and don’t be so hard on yourself. Studies say that there is an increased likelihood of a boost if you are more forgiving with yourself. This brings us to #2.

2. Take a step back.

By detaching for a bit, you’re able to relax your mind and remove the pressure of any unwanted expectations. More often than not, what hinders you from doing good work is when you overthink and focus too much on every possible outcome.

Simple activities such as taking a power nap could go a long way by helping you see the big picture. Should you have limited time on your hands, going for a quick walk to get the blood circulating through your body and, most importantly, your brain can work wonders. When you’re able to get things in perspective, you’ll be able to find solutions faster.

3. Map your mind.

Mind mapping is a known technique to better creative thinking. Simply put, a mind map is a diagram that gathers information around a main idea. For example, “music.” The ones related to it are subtopics like genres, famous musicians, or music publications. Each main topic will have several smaller roots growing out of it.

Make sure you write this down on a piece of paper or on a board to get your thoughts out of your head. This will help you discover thought patterns and visualize your ideas more clearly. Once you’ve distinguished your main idea and its roots, you’ll be able to approach creativity more efficiently.

4. Look for suitable background music.

While some people value silence, music can be helpful in setting the right mood and keeping yourself creative. This is mainly because music really does make the world a better place. You have a song for every moment: the sound you’d like to hear when you wake up, the tune you hum to in the shower, and your go-to playlist during your morning commute. That’s just the morning of your entire day.

In recent years, music companies have discovered this human need, and are using it to their advantage. All you will need are the handy dandy websites and softwares like Google, Spotify, and Youtube. Look for playlists that are designed to inspire you, may it be instrumentals or mood boosters. It all depends on what you need to do.

5. Think out of the box.

Routines are comfortable, yes, but they’re not necessarily as effective. Exhausting yourself by pushing for the same ideas can be the biggest barrier to creativity. With this in mind, why not shift your thinking to try a different approach? Studies show that trying something new can greatly affect your daily performance. Get out of your comfort zone and let your fresh and crazy ideas see the light of day.

The only fuel you’ll need is already within you. It’s only a matter of time, effort, and these 5 simple techniques. Once you get in the groove of things, you’ll be unstoppable. And if you’re looking for creative careers and companies that value creativity, visit today.

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