Team doing a celebratory high five as they achieve their team goal while having a harmonious work-life balance

5 Practical Tips to attain a Harmonious Work-life Balance

After long hours of getting things done at work, our stress levels can spike, reducing our energy and drive to do anything else outside the office.

For some, work-life balance is unattainable  — when actually, it is the key for those who want to deliver the best output at their jobs.

Here are some practical tips to  a harmonious work-life balance:

Sleep & wake up early
Sleeping early reduces stress levels, which means you get to start the next day feeling great and prepared for the upcoming tasks. It’s also fulfilling to take enough time in the morning to meditate, exercise, and set your goals for the day.

Determine your work squad
It’s reassuring to have trusted people who are aware about your pending tasks, especially when you can’t make it to work due to home or health reasons. They can help by reminding you when you’re approaching your deadline or if you are overdoing your work again.  When you find your squad, your work day will feel lighter and more fun.

Indulge in self-reward
With all the completed tasks you have done for the day, you deserve some self-reward. May it be a 5-minute break, a bite of chocolate or…  remember that Thai Massage you’ve always been thinking about? It’s  just one ride away. Go for it!

Set realistic goals
We can get overwhelmed with big projects resulting to confusion about where to start. To get unstuck, create a checklist of manageable, small steps to achieve simple goals each day. This way, you will get a sense of accomplishment when you cross out each item. It will be easier on your end to stay focused, motivated and time-bounded by doing this. This means being able to schedule a time for your loved ones as well!

Take a Vacation
The world won’t end if you leave the office for 3 days – everyone deserves a breather! Take this chance to feel the ocean breeze or cool mountain air to put your mind at ease. You’ll realize how refreshing it is to spend time with yourself and loved ones by taking advantage of  your vacation leaves and public holidays.

Work-life balance can be attained with discipline. It will definitely change you and make you a better person, personally and professionally. Just remember that there is no such thing as a perfect work-life balance, but a harmonious balance of what’s urgent and important in work and life.

Do you have other tips to share? How do you or your workmates achieve work-life balance? Let us know in the comments below.

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