Applicant bites nails as she gets nervous during the interview

Don’t say these during your job interview

The key to landing the job is a remarkable interview. It’s your best time to show and share your experiences, knowledge, and personality.

Most people know how we’re supposed to answer interview questions. But do you know that some applicants don’t notice that they use words and expressions that negatively affect their chances of landing the job? 

Here’s what you should avoid saying to help you get ahead of other candidates. 

“Errr, Ummm”

These words might seem invisible to you when you speak it, but your employer will be distracted when you say it too often.  There’ll be times when they won’t be listening to what you’re saying anymore and just wait for you to say these words again and again (and might even count it on his mind!).

“No, I don’t think so”

As much as we’d like to be free-flowing with our words during the interview, we must always keep in mind that words like ”hate, no, and I don’t think so“ might come off negatively and discourage your employer to choose you as the perfect fit for the position. Why? Because if there’s something you don’t want your employer to feel in that very moment– that would be negativity. Make it positive by letting your employer know that you’re open-minded and always willing to learn.

“Sure, that’s cool”

During a job interview, it is vital to look and sound credible. Using slang words is a big no-no! We don’t want to let our employers feel that we’re too casual or comfortable, do we?

“Maybe, I don’t know, We’ll see”

Uncertainty is the last thing you want your employer to take away from you during your interview. Vague and unsure answers might lead you to rejection in no time.  Impress your employer with confident and concise words that keep the conversation going. 

“I can do it on my own”

We believe you can do amazing things on your own, we really do! But this is not the perfect time to share it. Your employers would appreciate your skills more when you let them know that you’re a team player. Express how excited you are every time collaboration takes place! Go for it!

Boost your confidence in your answers by keeping these tips in mind! And always remember to practice practice practice!

Excited for your interview? We are, too! Let us know about your progress and what works for you in the comments below.

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