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Company essential: Developing good candidate relationships

They say “candidates come and go.”

While it is expected for employers  to attract a pool of qualified candidates in an ongoing basis, building a strong candidate relationship is a good investment to hiring more, qualified candidates faster.

Engage your candidates

When we have built strong candidate relationships, we have a greater chance of understanding what candidates need throughout their application process. Providing them value and importance as a potential employee is a good start in engaging your candidate.

Personalized Interviews

Always know that candidates are very observant during interviews. They notice your tone and facial expressions to adjust theirs. So here’s a tip: to develop a bond with your candidates, don’t hesitate to ask non-work related questions and share your answers too! Remember, personalized interviews always do the magic —  creating a spark during your interaction.

Priority concerns

Also, keep in mind that candidates’ priority concerns are benefits and work environment. As much as possible, you’d like to be candidate-centric while, at the same time, leaning on the company’s capacity. 

You can start by emphasizing the different employee recognition and motivation programs in your company. This way, you add excitement and eagerness for the candidate as a potential employee.

Candidate Communication

Being candidate-centric stresses the importance of communication in having a good candidate relationship. Communication plays an important role in developing and sustaining a long-term relationship with your candidates. 

There are several points throughout the hiring process where candidates need thorough communication. Never ignore messages— most especially if it requires an immediate response. Ignoring messages can negatively affect your company’s image instantly. We don’t want this to happen, do we? Establish trust through gentle interview reminders or “How are you?” text messages. They’ll appreciate it, that’s for sure.

Remember, a successful candidate relationship strategy will always result in a high conversion rate of happy hires in the long term; happy hires who’ll stay from day one until they meet your company’s goals.  

Provide growth for your candidates and your company. When candidates are satisfied and respected, they will turn out to be productive, cheerful employees who will attract more candidates like themselves. Choose to invest  in building candidate relationships to take your company to the next level.

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