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Quick Ways To Earn Extra Cash

Earning extra cash while having fun is easier than you think. And the best part of it all, aside from the additional income, newly acquired skills, experience and contacts!

Here are some of our suggestions:

Bored? Don’t just sit around. Baby/House/Pet sit instead.

You could spend your whole weekend munching on extra calories while watching Netflix or you could earn some extra cash.

Baby, house, and pet sitting are classic and guaranteed ways to make your afternoons to late nights useful and productive. It’s tried and tested, and it’s the perfect time for such side hustles because people often travel throughout the summer. Just make sure to stay attentive at all times!

KonMari your life.

Japanese author Marie Kondo has devised a way to organize your life and get rid of the clutter. Her ultimate question is: Do your personal things spark joy? Revisit your relationship with each—from clothes and books to paperwork and linens—and decide from there.

When you de-clutter your space, you allow more room for happiness to enter. What more when you can earn extra cash once you realize someone else could benefit from your pre-loved items? It’s just a matter of putting them out there for others to discover. There are several ways you can do this by selling them online or holding your own yard sale.

Use your hobby.

Sometimes you won’t even need to look far to get the extra income. Look at your strengths or hobbies to see what you can monetize. If you’re keen on preparing treats, beat the heat by serving homemade ice cream or bottled juices. If you paint, sell postcard versions of your artwork.

This is easier when you live in a village where it’s easy to market door-to-door. Otherwise, research if there are any outdoor events, craft shows, or bazaars that you can join in the neighborhood.

Rent out your car or space.

A majority of people will be leaving their homes for the weekend to spend time elsewhere. This is where opportunity knocks on your door. If you have a spare space, why not transform it into the ideal venue for lodging or even a simple “staycation?” That means doing a little cleaning and decorating here and there with minimal expense but possibly a maximum profit. Be proud enough of where you live, list it on Airbnb, and let other people enjoy this with you.

If you have a car, you may also make extra money by renting it to people who need to borrow a ride for their out of town trips.

Finally, share your skills.

If you haven’t gotten a knack for interior design or you find yourself uninterested in what we’ve previously mentioned, that’s okay. Summer is a great time to learn something new. For others, it’s when they’re able to teach what they already know. Running a workshop or tutoring are great ways to share your talent and expertise to the world and help people learn from each other.

What you offer is up to you and your schedule. With the proper strategy, timing, and determination, earning extra cash over the summer will both be possible and pleasurable.

If you still find yourself short on cash even with your sideline gigs, it may be time to start looking for a higher paying full-time job. The change could be an opportunity for you to explore a career that’s closely related to what you love

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