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The Philippine educational system was put to a sudden standstill in 2020, with classes at all levels suspended for an undetermined amount of time. Even conventional professional development classes had to be put on hold in line with the government’s quarantine and social distancing protocols.

This doesn’t mean that Filipinos no longer have options for learning. Online e-learning has never been more accessible. With millions of Filipinos either voluntarily or involuntarily stuck at home, free online courses are an easily-attainable way to continue one’s professional development.

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is getting onboard the e-learning trend by offering 68 online classes — all for free. This is all being done through TOP, the TESDA Online Program.

There are courses on a wide selection of courses, covering different fields. Topics covered include agriculture, entrepreneurship, heating, air-conditioning, human health, food processing, information technology, 21st-century skills, and many more. Because these courses come with certification, they can be valuable for students and job hunters looking to beef up their resumes.

How to get started:

To get started, visit TESDA’s official online learning website. From there, you can sign up for a new account and select the course you want under the “Courses” tab. From there, find the links to the course modules you need, then click on “Enrol me in this course”. You should receive a message asking you to confirm your enrollment. Simply click “Yes” if you’re sure you want to get started with the module you selected.

Enrolling in a TESDA course will give you access to learning modules and relevant study material. As with real-world classes, you will also be given online quizzes to test your knowledge. After completing the modules, you will be given a Certificate of Completion. You can earn the National Certificate later, after passing the exams that will be held after the quarantine.

10 Reasons to take a TESDA Online Course:

  • All online courses are completely free!
  • A wide selection of relevant courses.
  • Regular testing helps keep students committed compared to self-study.
  • Employers may recognize certificates of completion.
  • You can make the most of your time in quarantine.
  • TESDA-approved National Certificates are universally recognized in Philippine workplaces and by many overseas employers.
  • More employment and career options are available after completion.
  • More flexibility compared to regular classes.
  • survey conducted by The Learning House found that 44% of online students reported their employment standing improved while 45% reported a salary increase, just a year after taking online courses.
  • TESDA education can be a viable supplement or alternative to a college degree.


The suspension of regular classes is no reason to stop one’s education. Online courses such as those offered by the TESDA Online Program give jobseekers a golden opportunity to build a better foundation for their careers. To further improve your chances of scoring that dream job, be sure to check out this article on advancing your career while applying from home.

Have you taken regular TESDA classes? What about online classes? Tell us your experiences in the comments.

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