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Job Search 101: How Fresh Grads Can Start Their Happy Careers

On the final year of college, it’s common for fresh graduates like yourself to be anxious. Anxiety occurs not just because you’re facing the next stage in life, but also because of being unsure about the correct path to success.

All fresh graduates share the pursuit of finding the “right job”— one that fits your skills and passion, and ideally the first step to a happy career path you’ve always wanted.

No amount of lectures will fully prepare you for the real world, but luckily, you don’t need to go great lengths to get there either. Here are four ways that can help you find the right job in no time:

  1. Save your time. Use the Internet.

Before the Internet existed, job searching was a tedious task. First, you had to plan out a day when you would visit a stretch of offices—not even knowing if any of them offered work opportunities. For some, there’s the long wait in line until you get to the next step: submitting your resume.

The Internet is not only a convenient tool but it’s also the simplest and fastest way to research about companies, their office culture and their job vacancies. It’s a huge time-saver, so make the most of it.

  1. Manage your salary expectations.

It’s normal to aim for the highest possible salary when considering job offers, especially when we hear about the offers that our former classmates are getting.  However, it’s also very important to look at the day to day tasks that you will be handling. Ask yourself if you are passionate about what is expected of you for the role. As long as you’re getting a fair salary, money should be secondary to the satisfaction and knowledge that you’re getting from your first job.

  1. Think about your work location. These days, it matters.

It’s possible to get an offer for a job that you desire the most, but if it means commuting two hours every day just to get to the office, it’s wise to weigh your options carefully. Will you get enough rest to prepare yourself for work the next day? If you get a place that’s closer to your office, what will be left of your salary? Accepting a lesser paying job that’s closer to where you currently live will definitely reduce your stress levels and possibly grow your bank account faster.

  1. Explore the horizons and be open.

The best job thing fresh graduates like you can do is to broaden your horizons. The only way to discover what you’re really good at is to keep trying new things. Ten years from now, you’ll have a lot more responsibilities which will limit your options. Take advantage of this early stage in your life by being open to new challenges and treat all of these as learning experiences.

Let job hunting be as enjoyable as a treasure hunting. With all these personal tips in mind, you may actually find the happy career that you’ve always wanted.

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