Top 10 In Demand Jobs for Fresh Graduates

Thesis defense is over. School clearances have been signed. You have walked the stage. Graduation selfies have been posted. Tearful goodbyes have been said. So, you’ve finally graduated!

Thinking of all the things you went through, you deserve a pat on the back! Are you ready to enter the world of work? We bet you are! A grand experience awaits you. But as in any venture, it is good to equip yourself with useful information. Will your skills match what leading industries need? What jobs are sought after in the world today? Are you part of the list? Are you the answer to any employer’s fervent wish? Here are the top 10 in demand jobs for fresh graduates in Cebu this year:

#10 Marketing/Advertising
A good mix of creativity and determination is needed to keep up in this fast-paced work. People in the marketing department have a knack in knowing what the latest trends are and always look for creative ways to tell what their company is about. Graduates from Fine Arts, Advertising, Mass Communications and Business Administration will have an advantage over other applicants.

#9 Human Resources
Businesses need these professionals to help companies and employees perform at their best. This key position serves as the bridge between business targets and employee satisfaction. They are also responsible for finding the best people to join their organizations. Graduates of psychology were the traditional choice for this profession. However, there are now business administration graduates that major in human resource management. To succeed in this position, one must have integrity, humility and empathy for their organization.

#8 Nursing
As our country’s population grows, more and more people will need healthcare, and those who have the technical and emotional know-how will thrive in this job for a long time.

#7 Teachers
The foundation of any skilled person is good education. No wonder, teachers continue to figure in the Top 10 of the most in demand jobs in the world. This profession is attractive to those who enjoy the perks of continuous training as this is one of the aspects addressed by academic experts.

#6 Mechanical engineers
Experts in design, analysis and manufacturing, mechanical engineers are sought after by big companies due to their fine skills in coming up with machines that truly work.

#5 Customer Service Specialists
Professionals in this group are said to have high levels of empathy towards others. They feel for their clients, and so become the best persons to address concerns. So if you’ve got those excellent communication skills, be it over the phone or in face-to-face communication, this job is a sure fit.

#4 Corporate Sales staff
Businesses groom a solid group of creative and dynamic people to beef up their sales figures. This is a field that is considered to be competitive since their output is generally measurable. If you’re someone who likes competition, then perhaps you are part of this group of professionals.

#3 Receptionists
Companies need people who will project a good image of the organization. They need smiling and amiable faces that people will easily get attracted to. So then, it is good to invest on people who love dealing with other people, those that practice an open attitude which makes people go back to your establishment.

#2 Admin/Data Entry Specialists
Computer skills are considered very basic skills in the elementary curriculum. You just need to be adept in typing and be mindful of your spelling! If you’re part of this group, brace yourself for the daily grind of sitting in front of the computer the whole day long.

#1 Accountants
As the global community grows bigger, with a host of businesses sprouting left and right, people skilled in accounting are very much needed. They say you need not be really good in mathematics, but in analysis. If you studied Business and Accountancy, you’re in for a treat since you are just what many companies need!