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Negros is the fourth largest island in the Philippines, with a booming economy that ranks second in Visayas and fifth in the entire country in terms of net worth. Search for jobs in Negros the easy way with the help of Mynimo’s comprehensive listings.
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Needink Sales & Services Inc.
Needink Sales & Services Inc.
Bagacay, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
AVS Building, Valencia Road
Established in 2005
201-500 employees
5 days ago
Negros belongs to two regions in the Philippines: Negros Occidental to Western Visayas (Region VI) and Negros Oriental to Central Visayas (Region VII). Bacolod, the capital city of Negros Occidental, is a highly urbanized city that comprises about 12% of the population of the entire island. Meanwhile, Negros Oriental’s capital Dumaguete is home to Silliman University, one of the top-performing universities in the country. Negros, in its entirety, is also a prime tourist destination. The Masskara Festival, Mt. Kanlaon, Apo Island, Pulupandan Bird Sanctuary, and Balinsasayao Twin Lakes are among the primary attractions. Negros currently has three airports¬—Bacolod Silay International Airport and Dumaguete-Sibulan and Sipalay Airports—which make it accessible and therefore very attractive to tourists. Another local airport is under construction in Kabankalan, further increasing accessibility. Besides being a hub for tourism, Negros is also known as the country’s leading producer and exporter of sugar and sugarcane. Other agricultural ventures in Negros include prawn and aqua-culture, organic produce, and fowl breeding. In Bacolod and other centers of commerce, several bottling plants, industrial-based businesses, and oil companies have also been established. Finally, power generation is also a competitive industry in Negros. San Carlos Solar Energy, located in San Carlos, Negros Occidental, currently provides solar power to the city and nearby towns. Meanwhile, the inland cities and municipalities mostly generate and use geothermal and hydroelectric power. With this diverse assortment of industries present in the island, employment opportunities also abound. You may find it difficult to sift through all the possibilities, but Mynimo will help you find the best jobs in Negros that suit your skills. Mynimo has a comprehensive yet well-organized list of jobs in Negros, making your job search as easy as possible. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a long-time professional, Mynimo can help you land the perfect job.