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Skilled Work / Technical in Makati, Metro Manila

As one of 16 highly urbanized cities in the Philippines, the City of Makati experiences constant growth supported by a robust local economy and a dynamic business environment. This powerful combination of socioeconomic drivers has driven the city’s need for office space and other construction projects, so if you’re looking for a job as a highly skilled technical worker, Makati is an excellent place to start. To help you in your search, Mynimo is here, with an extensive employment database that includes positions for machine operators, welders, mechanics, and more. Your next career move could be only a click away!

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skilled work technical

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The present-day version of Makati would not have been possible without the arrival in the Philippines of Don Bonifacio Roxas in 1851. Don Bonifacio was a Spanish national, and when he arrived in the Philippines, he decided to buy a plot of land owned by the Jesuits who had settled here. The plot was named “Hacienda San Pedro de Macati,” which Don Bonifacio and his heirs, the Zobel de Ayala clan, would develop into the city we know today. Their eponymous group of companies has become synonymous with the flourishing of the city, and has allowed them to diversify their interests into other business sectors including health care, information technology, and business process outsourcing. Makati’s skyline is one of a kind in the Philippines and features some of the tallest buildings in the country, and much of it is constantly changing, with newer, bigger buildings supplanting old, dilapidated ones. This means that Makati and the many construction companies that operate here are always on the lookout for skilled technical labor. Best of all, advancement is very likely for excellent performance. The opportunity to work on the next centerpiece of the Makati skyline might be too much to pass up for some. If you’re looking for technical jobs in Makati but don’t know how to begin, come to Mynimo to start your search. We have extensive listings for openings in almost every technical discipline, so whether you’re trained as a machine operator, paver, grader, or welder, you’re sure to find a job that suits your skills. Simply browse our website now to view our listings, or download our app for on-the-go job searching. Your next big job could be just a tap away!

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