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Health / Medical / Science Rad Tech Job Hiring in Makati, Manila

Makati City is known as the financial metropolitan center of the Philippines. It boasts the highest concentration of multinational and local corporations in the country, with most of them in close proximity of the city’s highly-popular cultural and entertainment hubs. What’s more, many foreign communities have also settled in Makati and its surrounding areas, turning the city into a veritable melting pot of different cultures. The end result is one of the most diverse and plentiful job markets in the country, featuring various office job vacancies across many industries. Stake your claim to a well-paying profession in this frenetic and picturesque city with the help of Mynimo, the Philippines’ premier website for job seekers.
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eData Services Phils., Inc.
eData Services Phils., Inc.
Makati, Metro Manila
201-500 employees
2 days ago
Makati is home to more than 62,000 business enterprises, making it the richest local government in the country in terms of revenue collected from local sources and in a per capita basis. It is also where many major industry leaders in banking, real estate, export/import, financial services, manufacturing, and other industries are located. What’s more, the city is also considered as a bustling entertainment and shopping hub, with many prestigious consumer brands that are only available for purchase in Makati. This has resulted in the busy commercial hub as a popular leisure destination for both locals and foreigners. Job seekers looking to start a fresh career in Makati City are spoiled for choice when it comes to the variety of jobs available. Office-related positions of all sorts are in high volume, with an emphasis on HR, Recruitment, and IT. As Makati is also home to some of the biggest BPOs in the country, there is also an extremely high demand for call center jobs like technical support representatives, telemarketers, and customer care experts. Fresh graduates in particular will find no end of job opportunities in Makati when it comes to this particular job sector. If you’re looking to find steady and gainful employment in Makati City, then you’ve come to the right job-seeking website. Here at Mynimo, our driving goal is to connect qualified applicants to the job that’s perfect for their skills and desired location. Take advantage of our site’s powerful features to easily and quickly narrow down our massive database of local jobs according to specific job position, industry, or location. Getting your dream job has never been easier or more efficient!