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Las Piñas City is a sprawling urban city center in the greater Metro Manila area and is home to more than 588,894 people. It is a major industrial and commercial hub in the country, enjoying rapid growth and urbanization from its humble beginnings as a fishing settlement and stone quarry. It is also where many historical homes and cultural residences are found, with the local government investing quite a lot of money and resources in their ongoing restoration and conservation efforts. If you’re interested in starting your career in Las Piñas or you hope to gain steady employment within the city, then look no further than Mynimo, the premier job listing website for job seekers in the Philippines. With our huge database of jobs and powerful filtering features, the job you’re dreaming of is within reach.
Litekon Buildtek Corporation
Litekon Buildtek Corporation
Talon Singko, Las Piñas, Metro Manila
#74 Apollo IV Street, Moonwalk Village
Established in 2004
11-50 employees
1 week ago
Las Piñas’ main economy was first centered on the production and distribution of salt to local markets. However, this bustling industry soon became a relic of the past due to rapid modernization efforts and the advent of cheaper and more efficient importation of salt from China and other neighboring countries. Today, half of its land area is devoted to residential properties and development, while the other half is taken up by commercial, industrial, and institutional purposes. Thanks to a significant part of the city being devoted to industry and commerce, employees who can fill positions related to office and factory work are in high demand. This includes jobs like as office clerks, service crews, store attendants, and assistants. A healthy BPO industry is also flourishing within Las Piñas, and call center jobs related to customer care and tech support are also plentiful. If any of those positions appeal to you, then you are sure to find steady employment in Las Piñas. Don’t lose out to the competition when it comes to finding gainful employment in the bustling and busy urban jungle of Las Piñas. Take advantage of Mynimo’s industry-leading job listing features to jump-start your dream career anywhere you want in the Philippines.