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    Domestic / Caretaker in Metro Manila

    With its population of over 13 million, Metro Manila is home to millions of homes and businesses in need of domestic workers, caretakers, drivers, and more. Find thousands of caretaker positions on Mynimo today!

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    domestic caretaker

    Caretaker and domestic jobs are among the most common in Metro Manila. Thanks to the number of other job opportunities in the area, they can be a good option for those who want to move to Manila before trying other careers. Types of domestic caretaker jobs include maids, houseboys, drivers, stay-in domestic workers and more. Job opportunities include direct hires for households and businesses as well as openings in manpower agencies. Salaries in Metro Manila are the highest for these types of jobs in the Philippines. This makes Metro Manila the best place to find domestic jobs in the country in terms of salary. ? Use Mynimo to find the best and highest-paying domestic caretaker jobs in Metro Manila. Start your career with Mynimo today. ?

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