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Part of the informal city collective known as CAMANAVA, Valenzuela City is an emerging powerhouse for the sectors of manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and culture. Secure a job in any one of these sectors, plus many more, by searching for Valenzuela City-based vacancies on Mynimo!
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Mass-V Group
Mass-V Group
Quezon City, Metro Manila
4 days ago
Once known as the town of Polo for having an “island” or “islet-like” appearance in the midst of the rivers of Bulacan, Valenzuela City was renamed after doctor and Katipunero Pio Valenzuela y Alejandrino in 1960. From a township, Valenzuela grew into a metropolitan area and was chartered as a city of Metro Manila in 1998. It now houses more than 620,000 residents, making it the 13th most populous city and 119th largest city by land area in the country. Valenzuela is also known by its proximity to the other cities of the “CAMANAVA” collective, which are Caloocan City, Malabon City, and Navotas City. Valenzuela City was once dependent on its agricultural and fishing industries, and as of the 2000s the city government has worked to bring back its green trade with techno-farming, community vegetable farming, and pond fishing. Without a doubt, however, Valenzuela City’s strong point is its manufacturing sector and the ease of doing business in its quarters. Some trade innovations that have been exclusive to Valenzuela City over the years are its Simple Processes, Speed in Delivery, and Service Excellence (3S) Plus Program for setting up businesses; factory production facilities such as the Automated Baby Food Production Plant; and the inauguration of the Valenzuela City People’s Park. If you a job northwards in Valenzuela City, free from the traffic and ballooning expenses of central Metro Manila, then come find one at Mynimo. Mynimo’s simple but efficient localized search engine will let you know of job vacancies in the Valenzuela area, in fields like manufacturing, engineering, public administration, education, healthcare, transport, or retail. Find a golden opportunity to apply as a housekeeper, sales agent, real estate broker, process engineer, teacher, nurse, med tech, mechanic, or other job designation that you’ve been dreaming of. It’s just a matter of clicking on the job listing, uploading your current resume or a new one drafted on Mynimo, and sending a cover letter to your potential employer via Mynimo’s Quick Apply option. With Mynimo, build the career you’ve always wanted in the thick of Valenzuela City!