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Job Hiring in Navotas, Metro Manila

Navotas City is one of the highly urbanized, coastal cities in the Metro Manila area of the Philippines. While it is known as being the Commercial Fishing Hub of the Philippines, with a lot of its economy tied up in fishing, aquaculture, shipbuilding and ship repair, its urban areas have also given rise to many commercial establishments and businesses. This has created demand for many office positions, alongside those involved with fisheries and warehouse management. If you reside in Navotas or are planning to move there in the future, then make sure to check out Mynimo for the jobs available within the city.
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Mass-V Group
Mass-V Group
Quezon City, Metro Manila
4 days ago
Engine Room Operator
AboitizPower - OIL Business Unit
AboitizPower - OIL Business Unit
Navotas, Metro Manila
201-500 employees
2 weeks ago
Navotas has a quiet and reserved history for one of the Philippines’ coastal towns. Besides being owned wholesale by Dominican priests as “Hacienda de Navotas”, the small strip of coastal land thankfully escaped being the site of any bloodshed caused by the revolution against the Spaniards. It also escaped devastation from the two world wars. This has allowed Navotas to flourish into the formidable fishing hub of the country, capable of unloading more than 850 metric tons of fish every single day. Due to its fishing-centric economy, many job opportunities in Navotas have to do with fishing—mainly with the management of storage warehouses and factories involved in the seafood industry. However, thanks to the wide-scale development of the city’s urban areas, other businesses unrelated to fishing have also sprung up, creating a high demand for office staff positions such as clerks, assistants, administrators, encoders, and so on. Those with the necessary skills, qualifications, and educational backgrounds will surely find the right opening for them in Navotas. Searching for a job in Navotas has never been easier with Mynimo’s powerful localization features. With a few clicks, you can sort our various job listings by region, ensuring that every eligible job vacancy you’re interested in is filtered according to your preferred location. Skip all the tedious and tiring legwork, and let Mynimo fast-track your way into steady and gainful employment!