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Job Hiring in Imus, Cavite

Imus, Cavite is the official capital of Cavite and one of its largest cities, with a population approaching half a million people. Being located only 20 kilometers south of Metro Manila, it benefits from the massive economy of the National Capital Region, with several major service and manufacturing facilities found within the city. Explore Mynimo to find all the best and most interesting careers in Imus, Cavite.
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Finance Staff
 Microbase Motorbike Corporation
Microbase Motorbike Corporation 
Imus, Cavite
3 weeks ago
Historically and geographically important, the area that would eventually become Imus was the site of many important events in Philippine history. Once primarily an agricultural town, Imus now derives most of its income from a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing and services. Imus is notably the financial center of Cavite, with numerous banks and interconnected banking infrastructure. It also hosts several large industrial parks operated by various local and international businesses and is well-known as an industrial hub throughout the country. The city is also known for the sheer variety of products made and processed. Imus-based factories in Imus produce all types of products, from traditional handicrafts and food items to hi-tech components and automobile parts for export. Small businesses and service-related operations also form a large part of the Imus economy, and the agricultural sector still retains a sizable presence in the city. There are also plans to further expand the commercial and industrial capacity of the city due to continued interest from both local and international investors. Imus has an incredible variety of jobs and career paths available, especially for job applicants with a technical or engineering background. The healthy service sector also provides many opportunities for any job seeker looking to start a career in the city. Check out Mynimo for some of the most interesting and fulfilling careers in and around Imus, Cavite.