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Job Hiring in City Of San Fernando, Pampanga

San Fernando City is the bustling capital of the province of Pampanga. It is currently one of the fastest growing economies in the country, not just due to its close proximity to popular tourist locations, but also because of many commercial businesses from Metro Manila expanding or transferring into the city wholesale. What’s more, San Fernado is one of the biggest manufacturing hubs in the country, with many big-name companies headquartered there. Along with a very robust rice and sugar production industry, all this makes San Fernando quite the lucrative place to work in. Join the ever-expanding workforce in Pampanga’s flourishing capital by logging onto Mynimo. We are the premier website for the modern Pinoy jobseeker.
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Cebu White E Dental Corp.
Cebu White E Dental Corp.
City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Established in 2016
11-50 employees
3 weeks ago
With Metro Manila being as crowded as it is, many businesses have started to expand their operations or even move their offices to the less congested parts of Luzon, with San Fernando being one of them. As such, the capital city is enjoying a large incursion of commercial businesses, increasing the demand for applicants to fill office-based positions such as administrative assistants, secretaries, office clerks, receptionists, IT staff, and customer service associates. This is all on top of the already bustling industry that the city has prior to the move itself. San Fernando is also where many large manufacturing companies are located, such as San Miguel Corporation, Zuellig Pharma Corporation, Nestlé Philippines, Universal Robina Corporation, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi to name only a few. This, along with a booming rice and sugar production industry, has also made San Fernando’s job market flush with positions that have to do with warehouse management, inventory tracking, staff supervising, heavy duty mechanics, factory workers, cargo truck drivers, and so on. Jobseekers looking to work in Pampanga and take advantage of the current economic boom should definitely check out Mynimo. Our website’s powerful localization features and large job database will ensure that the job listings you get are not only relevant to your current skill set and needs, but also only in the areas that you prefer—whether it’s in San Fernando or anywhere else in the country. Get on the fast track to success by going with the best!