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Job Hiring in Baguio City, Benguet

The highly urbanized Baguio City is known as the “City of Pines” and the “Summer Capital of the Philippines.” But any season spent here can be prosperous, as it is a wonderful place to cultivate a career. Find the perfect job listing in Baguio City to match your skills with Mynimo’s search engine!
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Head of Subdivision
PHP 25,000 - 35,000 per month
 Maxim Order Service
Maxim Order Service 
BGH Compound, Baguio City, Benguet
Established in 2003
5001-10,000 employees
1 week ago
If anyone were to list their top summer destinations in the Philippines, Baguio City would be ranked somewhere high up. Its location in the mountains of Northern Luzon provides it with a breezy climate, fresh air, and a sense of closeness to nature. Baguio City is known for many things: landmarks like Burnham Park, Mines View Park, Session Road, Teacher’s Camp, the Baguio Cathedral, and the Philippine Military Academy; festivities like the annual Panagbenga Festival; and delicacies like Benguet coffee, ube haleya, tsokolate, and famously sweet strawberries. For some time, Baguio City’s core industries were agriculture and mining. It has long been a central point for the processing, refinement, and distribution of materials mined elsewhere in Benguet. Many a small local business has also flourished in Baguio, with many cafes, restaurants, and bazaars becoming household names. But in recent decades, Baguio City has also drawn the interest of land developers looking to jumpstart the housing and commercial rental markets. Other modern sources of livelihood are freelancing and the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector, which enables many workers to build skills with foreign clients from the comfort of their Baguio City hometown. Searching for a profitable job is now easier than ever with Mynimo’s localized searches. Mynimo lets jobseekers from Baguio City, and from the rest of Northern Luzon, browse quality job listings sorted by city, region, or job designation. Whether you dream of working as an IT specialist or call center agent for a BPO, getting a career in finance and accounting, or being part of Baguio City’s local economy in the fields of agriculture, the environment, or tourism, Mynimo will guide you to the best possible result. Respond to a listing that’s caught your eye by clicking on it, then sending a resume and a cover letter via Mynimo’s Quick Apply option. Grow a career in the Philippines’ summer capital, and enjoy the fruits all year round!