General Manager

Top Management
With Business Certificates
Established in 1992
51-200 Employees
84 Bonifacio St., 33-D, Davao City, Davao del Sur
Posted On: January 24, 2023
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Reports to: Board of Directors




The General Manager leads the organization in the accomplishment of its mission, attainment of its vision and strategic goals. He/she is also responsible in managing the over-all operations of the Cooperative as well as the organization’s resources in efficiently and effectively achieving the desired outcomes in compliance with the prescribed organizational and operational policies, standards and values.



  1. Strategic management to ensure continues growth in membership and assets of INCOME Credit Cooperative; growth of the organization (officers, employees and members) in terms of their maturity and professionalism and the overall relevance and impact to the society. This responsibility involves:

    • Identifying and nurturing specific growth areas in terms of membership, revenues, investments and human capital;

    • Strengthening the organizational, financial and physical organization to be able to support and sustain the desired growth;

    • Actively participating in strategic planning, policy formulation, new business planning and evaluation and setting up key performance indicators to ensure that all strategic objectives and targets are met.

  2. Marketing management to create, enhance and maintain the products and services that can be offered to customers to sustain their profitability. This responsibility entails:

    • Developing new lending services or improving existing ones; create new business opportunities or alternative revenue streams/financial investments;

    • Marketing of business plans and encouraging participation of members in business ventures deemed feasible.

  3. Administrative, human resource and compliance management is necessary to ensure effective and efficient manpower attraction, retention, and optimization, and conformance of the Cooperative to all applicable standards and regulations set by government agencies. This responsibility shall involve:

    • Conducting regular periodic organizational review and ensuring that all positions in the table of organization are filled up;

    • Conducting regular personnel performance review and appraisal;

    • Knowing all the standards and regulations affecting the organization and its business and educating all affected officers and employees of such for strict compliance;

    • Monitoring compliance to government laws and regulations in terms of practices, standards and documentation;

    • Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with implementers and concerned regulatory agencies.

  4. Operations management to ensure effective and efficient utilization of all resources of the organization which entails:

    • Drafting or implementing operational policies, budgets, plans and programs;

    • Reviewing and approving loan applications, withdrawal of deposits, disbursement of funds, placements of temporary investments and accounting of financial transactions, approving cash advances for various purposes;

    • Providing and submitting monthly operations report of the Cooperative to the BOD visà-vis its target and recommends appropriate policy or operational changes, if necessary;

    • Adapting appropriate management system elements to achieve operational excellence.

  5. Financial management to ensure that funds invested by members or generated from the different operations are secured and properly managed for optimum returns. This responsibility includes:

    • Controlling the flow and utilization of funds by enforcing effective internal controls;

    • Ensuring that the approved Opex and Capex budgets are effectively utilized and optimized;

    • Ensuring that accounting and financial reports are prepared, analyzed and timely submitted to the BOD, federation, and regulatory agencies as required and recommends appropriate policy or accounting changes, which are deemed necessary;

    • Ensuring that idle funds are kept to the barest minimum; funds earmarked for specific projects, budgets and appropriations or committed investments are placed temporarily in interest-bearing repository until actual use;

    • Ensuring efficiency in collection of accounts/loans receivables.


  1. Represents INCOME Credit Cooperative in regular meetings, occasional consultations, skills training, seminars, social gatherings or special events and other activities organized by stakeholders, banks investment firms and others;

  2. Serves as committee member to represent INCOME Credit Cooperative to affiliated organizations and/or federations as approved by the Board;

  3. Conducts training for Coop members as required by the Board;

  4. Benchmarks with other cooperatives and organizations in terms of management best practices.



The position is responsible for planning, assigning, scheduling and checking of works done by direct reports; Also responsible for monitoring and evaluating their performances, and if necessary train and coach them with their individual functions. The jobholder actively participates in the hiring of his/her subordinates as well as in disciplining them.



  1. The position has access to all confidential and sensitive information taken up during board

    and committee meetings except on items pertaining to the position or jobholder;

  2. The position has responsibility for controlling operational and administrative expenditures;

    approving minor expenditures and ensuring that expenses are necessary for the operation;

  3. The position is responsible for preparing and presenting the annual budgets to the board

    for approval. This includes Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Capital Expenditures.


  • Position/s directly supervised Position/s reporting to supervised position/s

    • Loan Specialist 1

    • Admin. Assistant 1

    • Bookkeeper 1

    • Cashier 1

    • Admin. Staff 1

    • HR Staff 1

    • Accounting Staff 1

    • Messenger/Expediter 1

  • Contacts within own organization/business entity

    • Board of Directors, Committees (Elected and Appointed), GA Directions, goals, deliverables


  • Auditing firm External Auditor Conduct of external audit MCN CEO Matters pertaining to INCOME membership to the federation;

  • DCCSF Chairman of Oversight Committee

  • Matters regarding membership of INCOME in the credit surety fund;

  • CDA-Region XI Regional Director Compliance with CDA regulations;

  • Private Consultant Authorized Representative Matters referred for immediate action such as registration of coop businesses and other regulated activities with concerned government agencies;

  • Davao City Coop Council Department Head For Davao City Cooperative movement

  • Cebu People’s Cooperative

  • Authorized Representative KoopCAS concerns

  • Nexen Authorized Representative HRMax concerns

  • CLIMBS Authorized Representative Business Venture/Insurance

  • CISP Authorized Representative Business Venture/Insurance

  • Cosmo-CLIMBS Authorized Representative Business Venture

  • UKC Chairman of the Board Business Ventures

  • Municipal Trial Court & CFI

  • Authorized Representative Small claims and collection and

  • criminal cases

  • Aboitiz Power Authorized Representative Payroll concerns




  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing or Accountancy; preferably with MBA units.


  • At least three (3) years of experience in managing an organization or a cooperative with diversified businesses

Specific Knowledge

  • Mathematics of investment; psychology or behavioral science; economics, management and organizational concepts;

  • Cooperative history, culture, values and principles;

Specific Skills

  • Calculating, computer operations and applications; oral and written communications; presentation skills; management

  • Business planning, policy formulation, leadership; motivating others

Personal Attributes

  • Creative, imaginative, able to think outside of a box, abstract reasoning, pro-active, servant leader with high degree of integrity and business ethics; persevering, audacity to stand for what is right and humility to acknowledge mistakes and accept correction or discipline;



a. Tools of Trade

  • Laptop computer, smartphones, financial software applications and calculator;

b. Physical Demands

  • The position requires minimal physical demands such as sitting, standing, walking, traveling, and use of hands and fingers to operate and manipulate tools of the trade; however, the position imposes mental challenges to the jobholder.

c. Working Environment

  • The position requires work under normal office conditions; however, occasionally exposed to noisy and potentially unsafe conditions since the work area is near commercial establishments;

d. Shift Schedule

  • The position is on regular day shift schedule with BOD and/or committee meetings scheduled after office hours; usually from 5 pm to 9 pm; occasional noontime meetings and with weekends reserved for social programs, site visitations, seminars, and others.

e. Others

  • The position is required to attend BOD and/or committee meetings scheduled after office hours usually from 5 pm to 9 pm, occasional noontime meetings and with weekends reserved for social programs, site visitations, seminars, and others; must be covered with bond equivalent to three (3) days average collection that he/she is held accountable.