Plant Operator

₱20,000 - 25,000 per month

2 to 4 Years
With Business Certificates
Established in 1980
51-200 Employees
Pugalo, Alcoy, Cebu
Posted On: January 26, 2023
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1. A degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

2. A licensed Mechanical Engineer

3. Minimum of 3 years experience




Responsible for the smooth and efficient operation in the production of dolomite products. He/She is responsible in meeting the quality standards and deadlines for products. He checks for defects, prevents product contamination, monitors equipment, monitors stock levels, helps with shipping procedures, and closely follows safety procedures to prevent accidents in an environment where materials may be hazardous.

  • Acquires necessary information from outgoing 1CR operator or foreman for any instructions;

  • Regularly coordinates with shift foreman for changes in planned crushing operation;

  • Proceeds to 1CR area for pre-operation start-up and religiously perform the necessary Standard Operation Procedures (refer to inspection checklist);

  • Religiously checks the NP1BC magnet, rubber skirt, and tall pulley (refer to inspection checklist);

  • Replenishes grease of 1CR bearing on a daily basis;

  • Checks up grizzly bar, bolt & liner, and, motors (refer to inspection checklist);

  • Cleans operating cab and work area;

  • Ensures the availability of the feed material at dumping hopper and checks CRO stockpile height;

  • Turns on the main breaker if from the shutdown (in coordination with electrical maintenance) and confirms safe start-up by standard sound bell;

  • Runs the necessary BC and equipment in consonance with the desired mode and shifts to another mode as the need arises;

  • Records all the crushing 1CR activities in the log sheet;

  • Monitors feed rate, equipment condition, and CRO stock elevation to ensure smooth operation;

  • Removes hang-up, choke-up and oversize boulders in the safest and the possible way to avoid delay

  • Stops all running equipment at the end of the shift;

  • Coordinates and informs the incoming operator of the status of the operation;

  • Submits the operators’ report to the foreman;

  • Prepares and sets-up CCR equipment and facilities like TV monitor & computer and check panel switches;

  • Refers to the plant production plan and confirms with operation foreman as to what is the plant operation running mode;

  • Coordinates with BC tender regarding plant equipment status and confirms the same with shift foreman;

  • Coordinates with the electrical section as to plant power requirement required to run the specified mode;

  • Coordinates with 1Crusher Operator as to the availability of CRO stock/materials;

  • Confirms safe start-up by paging system the standard (let’s go) warning bell;

  • Facilitates plant start-up at the required mode of operation;

  • Monitors feed rate as per production plan requirement;

  • Monitors status of plant operation through a TV monitor, panel board pilot lights and load current;

  • Logs in at computer any reported plant abnormalities;

  • Coordinates with plant operation foreman regarding plant immediate minor repairs and clog-ups and the like;

  • Coordinates with BC Tender and operation foreman with regard to the overall status of plant operations;

  • Facilitates partial or total plant emergency stops when necessary in coordination with BC Tender and operation foreman and facilitates restarting when the condition is normalized;

  • If no feed occurs during operation, coordinate with 1CR operator as to the availability of CRO material before stopping and restarting and inform the operation foreman for any advice;

  • Empties BC lines and buffer tanks before shutting down operations;

  • Waits for reliever before leaving the post;

  • Informs reliever of any special instructions;

  • Empties all BC lines if applicable;

  • Stops all plant equipment after operation;

  • Generates production report;

  • Switches off cameras, and lights and secure/close CCR;

  • Before start-up, checks magnets for trapped metals, identify the source, and inform the foreman on duty (refer to inspection checklist);

Why Join Us?

  • HMO with dependents

  • 14th Month Pay-Mid Year Bonus

  • Performance Bonus

  • Rice Subsidy

  • Meal Allowance

  • Company Loan

  • AFD Bonus

  • Annual Salary Increase

Rest Day Schedule: Saturday and Sunday

Time of Work: Shifting Schedule