Planning Officer IV

₱51,000 - 55,000 per month

2 to 4 Years
With Business Certificates
Established in 2004
201-500 Employees
Banco De Oro Plaza, 8737 Paseo de Roxas, Bel-Air, Makati, Metro Manila
Posted On: December 7, 2022
Job ID: 416924




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Salary: Php 51,000.00 – 55,000.00


Qualification Standard:

  • Education: Bachelor's degree relevant to the job 

  • Experience: 3 year of relevant work experience (preferably in the areas of planning, research, and policy work) 

  • Training: 16 hours of relevant training (preferably in the areas of corporate planning, strategic planning, and policy analysis)


  1. Research and technical writing (ability to do critical analysis); 

  2. Advance corporate performance monitoring work, data analysis, and planning and evaluation coordination work 

  3. Computer softwares applicable to office/research work; 

  4. Knowledge in social, economic, and political issues and developments concerning the housing sector and the general economy; and 

  5. Intermediate financial statement analysis, and knowledge in corporate risk analysis and quality management concepts and models of implementation.


  1. Competent written and oral communication skills (ability to conduct presentation to a large number of people and/or senior corporate officer); 

  2. Ability to conduct critical analyses of issues/policies (both internal and external) as it affects corporate performance; and 

  3. Creative problem-solving skills to gather relevant information to solve planning problems.


  1. Possesses high standards of professionalism and dedication to quality public service; 

  2. Possesses a mature personality (e.g. able to work in a fast-paced work environment, able to work in a team, able to work with people of various backgrounds and is confident in communicating with persons of high authority); 

  3. Possesses moral integrity (e.g. will not compromise time and instead strengthen honored principles in public service); and 

  4. Willing to work overtime and able to multi-task.

Duties and Responsibilities / Scope of Work

  1. Prepares the conduct of corporate planning sessions (annual and midyear) to formulate and/or monitor annual corporate work plan (including corporate strategies and plan of action) and performance; 

  2. Gathers, analyzes, and interprets data (internal and external) as inputs to corporate planning, policy, and research studies/undertakings; 

  3. Reviews and evaluates corporate financial performance to serve as basis in the drafting of annual corporate budget and work plan; 

  4. Prepares and analyzes accomplishment reports on performance vis-a-vis corporate work plan targets for submission and presentation to Senior Management, DHSUD, and other government agencies; 

  5. Evaluates departmental action plans and monitors the implementation of corporate strategies to ensure the attainment of targets; 

  6. Assists in the formulation of corporate position and recommendations on national development initiatives/plans and issues relative to the housing finance sector and programs of the corporation; 

  7. Conducts corporate risk analysis and evaluation work applicable to the corporate planning function; 

  8. Conducts quality management work and evaluation (e.g., ISO related work); 

  9. Conducts market research for feasible programs and strategies consistent with the corporate mandate to improve existing programs, policies, and services; 

  10. Undertakes preparation of budget materials needed for DBM, House of Representatives, and Senate technical budget hearings; 

  11. Represents the department in inter-agency technical working groups and seminars (including presentation of position of the corporation); 

  12. Provides technical and administrative secretariat support to corporate planning and inter-departmental activities; 

  13. Assists in the data management and filing of the department for easy reference/retrieval of documents; and 

  14. Performs other related functions that may be assigned by superiors from time to time.