Accounting Staff

2 to 4 Years
With Business Certificates
Established in 1950
51-200 Employees
JWS Center 731 Aurora Blvd, Aurora, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Total vacancies for this job title: 1
Posted On: August 26, 2022
Job ID: 411558





  1. Checking and posting of books to the General Ledger (KOOLER)

  2. Preparing consolidated Journal Voucher (KOOLER)

  3. Prepare the monthly schedule of withholding taxes and file to EFPS for payment (KOOLER)

    • Regular 1601C

    • Expanded 0605

    • Expanded 1601EQ

    • Final 0605

    • Final 1601FQ

  4. Encode and send Monthly Alphalist of payees (.dat file) to BIR Alphalist Systemn and BIR e-submission (KOOLER)

  5. Prepare the monthly and quarterly schedule of value added tax and file to EFPS for payment and audit purposes (KOOLER)

    • 2550M

    • 2550Q

  6. Payment of annual registration to BIR and other miscellaneous taxes (if any) to EFPS (KOOLER)

  7. Prepare and encode quarterly Summary List of Purchases (SLP) and Summary List of Sales (SLS) to BIR VAT Relief for local and importations and send the .dat file to BIR e-submission as attachment to VAT payment (KOOLER)

  8. Providing summary of opex as per department and branches monthly.

  9. Providing up to date summary schedule as per department and branches.

  10. Recording of total operating expense to books of accounts.

  11. Checking the accuracy of the book by comparing it to the subsidiary ledger and to general ledger summary.

  12. Preparation of payroll and prepares entry.

  13. Posting of operating expense to Operating Expenses Ledger.

  14. Prepare the annual schedule of regular withholding taxes.

    • 1604CF

    • 2316

  15. Providing the summary of its transactions per accounts

    • Taxes & Licenses

    • Documentary Stamps

    • Withholding Tax Payable

    • Output Tax Payable

    • Salaries & Wages

    • Cola/Ecola

  16. Communicates to immediate superior any problem encountered in the execution of duty and suggest possible solution that maybe thought of.

  17. Observes Company policies, safety rules, proper work ethics and behavior at all times.

  18. Practices good housekeeping procedures daily on tools, equipment and, work area.

  19. Practices waste segregation.

  20. Performs other duties as maybe assigned from time to time.