Warehouse Officer

5+ Years
Established in 2007
51-200 Employees
Sitio Tawagan, Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu
Total vacancies for this job title: 1
Posted On: August 23, 2022
Job ID: 411352





  • A graduate of Engineering or business-related course.

  • Minimum of 3 years experience in manufacturing or warehousing set-up being an Inventory Analyst or Warehouse Officer.

  • Computer literate (spreadsheets, word processing, etc.), Knowledge or Familiarity with Enterprise resource planning (ERP System).

  • Knowledgeable in warehousing practices, principles and methodologies.

  • Solid exposure in Inventory Management.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintains inventory and supplies by receiving, storing, and delivering items; securing warehouse; supervising staff.

  • Ensuring Physical inventory matches with Logical Data.

  • Ensure that all items issued to clients are in good condition, right quantity and on time.

  • Ensures that all policies and programs are being followed, implemented, and participated by the subordinates.

  • See to it that an adequate supply of tools and materials ensures a smooth flow of operations.

  • Conduct Daily Toolbox meetings, safety, and other unscheduled meetings.

  • To ensure effective, safe, accurate, and timely stock management including space allocation, and stock transfer.

  • Also responsible for the precise and reliable records and stock inventories versus the physical stocks on hand.

  • Conduct cycle count to maintain accuracy between physical and logical inventory.

  • Analyze the execution of operations according to different warehousing situations and contingencies.

  • Analyze the information flow for end-to-end warehouse processes from order initiation to receiving, handling, distribution, and storage.

  • Evaluate cargo consolidation solutions to optimize space, cost, and efficiency.

  • Evaluate cargo handling schedules that consider timeline and resource factors.

  • Evaluate storage plan to ensure the most efficient method based on knowledge of weight and storage characteristics and customer base.

  • Evaluate technology solutions and automation to improve processes.

  • Evaluate warehouse storage, layout, and Material Handling Equipment (MHE) plans.

  • Evaluate warehousing standards for quality management systems.

  • Manage warehouse planning methods, warehouse storage, and layout plans.

  • Perform safety and health risk assessments.

  • Plan continuous improvement activities and performance improvement strategies.

  • Plan effective incident or crisis management initiatives.

  • Plan measures for calculating operational efficiency, utilization, and productivity.

  • Keeping newly hired or existing employees concerned fully trained or as required.

  • Performs other duties as may be assigned.

How to Apply

Send your resume and application letter to the following address: Sitio Tawagan, Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu, or email an updated resume to junreycwli@gmail.com with the position you are applying for as the subject.