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Qraft Cabinet Solutions, Inc.

Project Manager

Qraft Cabinet Solutions, Inc.

With business certificates
Cebu City, Cebu
Posted on : September 26, 2019
Job ID : 334647


Qraft Cabinet Solutions is a custom cabinet manufacturer based in Metro Cebu.
We deliver clients outstanding value, great customer experience by manufacturing high quality custom cabinets and extending professional design services at reasonable prices.
  • Leadership. The project manager works with the team and key stakeholders to set the key goals and major objectives. The PL is expected to maintain focus and provide clear direction to both team members and with respect to external influencers, to be the champion for the project, to be clear about the program’s priority in the portfolio, to demand scientific excellence from team members and to support team member personal development. 
  • Negotiation. The Project manager may need to interact directly with line managers to ensure resources are available when needed, and to negotiate amendments to the project plan especially those that change deliverable completion dates.
  • Decision Making/Judgement. The PM should include the team in formulating decisions but should accept accountability for the decision. Provide an honest assessment of the project relative to current and future cost. Proactively acknowledge the time to advance the project to the next stage (not “we’ve got a couple experiments we’d like to finish first”) and when to recommend termination.
  • Meeting Management. The PM is responsible for organizing, facilitating and ensuring follow-up action on issues raised in the meeting. When required, the PL will organize corporate  program review.
  • Oversees sales, design and technical teams to be delivering on schedule and producing accurate and creative solutions to customer's needs.
  • Drives sales to reach company's target goals and profitability.
  • Reviews contract proposals before being sent to clients
  • May meet with clients with bigger requirements.
  • Conducts periodic meetings to get the team to work together
  • Reviews design and technical aspects in cabinetry composition
  • Trains, demonstrate and guide employees to be more productive and efficient.
  • Preferably a graduate of architecture or any design field
  • 3 or more years experience in architecture, design, cabinetry or furniture industry.
  • Knowledge of Industry- Understanding the best practices in a business and having a good grasp of overall operations to effectively manage people and processes. 
  • Good written and verbal communication skills and an ability to read people, troubleshoot problems and help teams collaborate as necessary. 
  • Problem-Solving Ability-Must have a strong internal fortitude that enables them to help staffers assess and resolve issues, all while maintaining the integrity of the organization.
  • Time Management Skills.Can effectively budget their own time, but also that of employees. This relates to prioritization, delegation, juggling multiple competing priorities and ensuring that the most critical tasks are always addressed. Also must have the ability to pick up slack for their teams, when necessary.
  • Ability to Direct People- Must possess the ability to bring people together around a common goal.  Has the ability to be able to match individual employee skill sets to necessary job tasks and help them pivot as necessary to accomplish objectives.
The Benefits of Joining us:
  • Competitive Salary
  • Sales Incentives
  • Health Insurance Benefits
  • Gov't Benefits
  • Bonuses

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