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LTHFood Industries Inc.

With business certificates | Established in 2003 | 201-500 employees

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LTHFood Industries Inc. was established in 2003, with the goal of being recognized as one of the leaders in the dairy community, both locally and internationally. Over the years, it has become a reliable supplier of quality products at competitive prices, meeting the needs and requirements of the consumer, retail, industrial and trade sectors. Today, our products can be found in all market channels, from the smallest “sari-sari” stores, to the major supermarket chains nationwide.
We operate with the belief that our clients deserve only the best in terms of quality and service. LTHFoodIndustries Inc. is committed to continuously offer the same, for the growing market demand of top-notch dairy products, while continually investing in thorough research and development to be certain that our products remain competitive and can adapt to the ever-changing needs of today’s modern consumers.

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Finance Officer
2 to 4 Years
Manila, Metro Manila
LTHFood Industries Inc.
Established in 2003
201-500 employees
4 days ago