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This is a call out to all reservation staff and supervisors employed currently or previously with top-rated Resorts, Hotels and Travel Organization within the province. We will consider anyone with extensive call center experience or those who were in accounting or engineering.


Aventeur is seeking exceptionally bright, motivated, and team-oriented Professionals to join our Team based in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

We are world-renowned for our single-minded obsession with client satisfaction and the simply amazing experiences we curate for each client. 

During COVID, while almost every travel company in the world (of every kind) laid off most of their staff, we tripled in size from 10 to 30 team members. With the continued growth we shall experience, our ability to maintain a curious and vibrant culture will remain no matter how large the Company grows. 

Our creativity by far surpasses all travel organizations globally and we set the trends versus following them. Our clientele are the captains of business and our vacations start at Php 6,000,000 on the low side (for a family of four over two weeks) and they can easily cost Php 25,000,000 for the more generous budgets.

Two percent (2%) of everything comes right off the top revenue line to benefit many Philippine charities and other S.E. Asia initiatives as well. We are committed to making a change in this world by impacting children and helping women with the enterprise as we’ve done for almost 35 years. Please see our charity foundation 

When working with us, your ability to make a difference and take ownership of your career begins on day one. You can expect a collaborative, team-driven environment that encourages team members to learn, be curious, and have a bias for action. You will be working side-by-side with the Founder who will help you develop the skill sets to serve at the highest level in the hospitality industry. This is a triple MBA in Business (and Hospitality) as this is the front lines of serial entrepreneurship, and you get paid for this learning experience vs. doing unchallenging/mindless/repetitive work in a hotel. 

We are a true team and no one’s efforts to help us succeed are overlooked - to the contrary, you can move up the organizational board as fast as you like and our five sister companies will be delighted to absorb you into their management as soon as you can prove you are the best person for the job. Our priority is to hire and promote Filipinos as this is the Founder’s adopted home country for 14 years. 


You will get an opportunity to travel throughout Europe and Asia and many exciting destinations as we require a small entourage of staff to be with our clients at all times. As you earn tenure, you first travel within Asia and soon after, Europe once your passport is approved.

We're building an ecosystem with multiple verticals and the opportunity to move up in this Company is like nothing you've ever seen.


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