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Triohm Services Philippines Inc

About the Company

We are Triohm Services Philippines Inc. A top-tier health care software company providing state-of-the art, health care software solutions to the US market.

Our eCareLink electronic health record software offers unique features that set us apart from other systems.  Pre-built clinical templates and workflow for over most specialties ensure complete, accurate documentation stored in a standard format.  Pay-for performance programs are easily managed by our Disease management templates that capture discrete data at the point of care to meet clinical reporting guidelines.

In addition to our product offerings, our concierge services improve overall office efficiency by optimizing throughput in areas such as patient scheduling, fax management, refill services and other clinical areas based on the unique needs of each of our clients.

Integrate with the Triohm product suite to enable consistent, real-time clinical and administrative workflow among providers, hospitals, and patients.


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