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About the Company

QQEnglish also known as GREATENGLISH CORPORATION is an ESL (English as a second language) online one-on-one school wherein students are taught overseas through Skype video call established in 2009 with REAL GREATENGLISH CORPORATION online one-on-one school wherein students are taught on-site established in 2011 as one of its subsidiaries. Both were launched as QQEnglish (trade name) to Japanese and various markets such as Korean, Chinese, Iranian, German, Brazilian etc. RGE is TESDA accredited. QQEnglish Seafront campus in Mactan Cebu as the first branch was also launched on April 2015. It has more than 500 teachers and all are trained by RCEAL instructor. Teaching methodology is based on the communicative learning approach (CLA) that is currently being used in the US and UK. All teachers undergo comprehensive in-house ESL training, CALLAN method and Grammar Training. They also have certificates such as TESOL and teacher’s license. QQEnglish aims to be the leading ESL school in the world dedicated to render quality English for second language learners to be globally competitive speakers of English, so to provide world-class International Language services to efficiently and effectively produce proficient and fluent speakers.