Worldwide Steel Group Inc.

About the Company

Worldwide Steel Group had its humble beginnings in 1976 as a local hardware store that carried an array of hardware, construction, and electrical supplies. Back then, the company was known as Cebu Worldwide Hardware & Electrical Supply. The steady growth of the business and exposure to construction materials paved the way for the company to venture into the manufacturing of steel bars in 1987. Because of the couple’s vision and business acumen to seize opportunities as they come, Worldwide Steel Corporation was born.


Over 400 trained and highly-skilled workers plus consultants from all over the globe are employed to ensure that only the products that have passed rigorous quality control measures are made available to the market.


In 2001, Worldwide Home Depot (also known as Worldwide Interiors Design Center) was established to cater to the growing needs of the customers for local & imported tiles, construction, and finishing materials.


Currently, Worldwide Steel Group is also into the manufacturing of common wire nails, finishing nails, C-purlins, pre-painted roofing, light metal frames, wire mesh and the distribution of cement, insulation material, smartboard fiber cement board, GI wire, and angle bars.


The newest addition to the group is its real estate arm, Worldwide Central Properties. Sundance Residences is the first maiden flagship project of the company.




Worldwide Steel Group, Inc. aims to be a supplier of choice of basic structural, finishing and furnishing materials.


We exist to build communities.


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