GoodApps Inc.

About the Company

Global Optimum Data Ventures, is the mother company of GoodApps, Inc., a startup company dealing with the conception, creation, development and deployment of internet based programs/platforms and mobile applications that will make life easier and more manageable for our clients worldwide.
From our humble beginnings, we will gradually but inexorably expand our operations and market reach and capability to offer a complete array of softwares, applications, platforms and services to wide segments of the market.
As we create and develop new applications and software, we are inspired by our core values of Sincerity, Enthusiasm, Reliability, Vision, and Excellence. (S.E.R.V.E.)
In order to effectively and efficiently implement the various action plans, projects and procedures that actualize our corporate objectives and bring to the fore our core values, we recognize as a vital linchpin in our company operations, proper personal conduct and discipline that emanate from a shared and deeply-held value system. For this reason, we continually maintain, regularly upgrade and strongly abide by the tenets our Code of Conduct.
Thereby, we reconfirm our MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL relationship with the public and our various stakeholders, even as we proclaim our appreciation for their trust and confidence in our honesty, transparency and continuing effort to improve our operations.  In this regard, one of our primary duties individually and as a corporation, is to safeguard such conviction, upon which our continuing viability as a company depends.
GODVENTURES shall be a leading provider of world class applications and platforms that will make the financial transactions of people more accessible, easier to enact, and safe. GODVENTURES creates software solutions, applications and platforms to enhance, facilitate, and speed up financial services. We delight our customers through our efficient operation and excellent services. We want to be known as a stable, reliable and quality- driven company.

In order to achieve this, we shall strive for sustainable growth and profitability, fulfill our obligations to clients and partners, seek customer feedback, continually improve our operations and uphold the highest standards of ethics and responsibility in honoring our corporate commitments.


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