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http://www.cebubionic.com  www.itrade.com.ph    instagram:  @itrade_ais

The Cebu Bionic Group has been with the hardware, construction, home finishing materials industry for more than 40 years, with known quality products and services.  
We are the leading supplier of home building and construction materials to various developers and construction companies in the Philippines.   
Our extension arms and support group provides project management, technical installation services, importation, real estate development, architectural design sources and others.
Our sister companies can provide the necessary support.  They are:

Cebu Bionic Builder Supply Inc.  (Magallanes / Mambaling branch)
Build It Building Materials Sales Inc (Mandaue / Danao)
Intranet Trade International, Inc
Architectural and Interior Source (AIS Cebu - Vibo Place, Escario St, Cebu City)
Architectural and Interior Source (AIS Mandaue, Labogon Mandaue City)
Architectural and Interior Source (AIS Manila - BGC, Taguig City)
Zscape Development Corporation
Zubu Design Associates

Why Join Us?
  • We fully support our good-performing employees to become good leaders, providing necessary training and development, with focus on coaching and mentoring
  • We reward good performers both tangible and intangible benefits
  • Your voices are heard - we listen, we accept suggestions and recommendations for continuous improvement.  We have a dynamic team, working collaboratively to achieve our goal.
  • We take care of employees' health, as well as employees' dependents with good medical benefits and encouraging a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness activities.
Our Core Values:
To be receptive to new ideas and continuously learn for development and growth.

To take ownership and accountability and have the confidence to make business decisions that would result to a positive impact on the company.

To perform tasks while maximizing time and resources through use of automation and advanced technology.

To work together as one team and towards the singular goal of providing excellent quality of service, which translates to outstanding business results.

To work with professionalism and utmost honesty, even without supervision, and to respect other individuals’ output and diversity.

To have the initiative to introduce new ideas and methods and by utilizing creativity and maximizing analytics.


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