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Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc.

About the Company

“We make people realize their dreams and potential.” This is Personal Collection’s commitment to its stakeholders—its network, suppliers, investors, and employees. Borne of the business expertise and acumen of a group of enterprising and innovative Filipino entrepreneurs
Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc. (PCDSI), envisions itself as the No. 1 direct selling company in the Philippines. With this end in mind, our company is growing each day. Our Vision We are the No. 1 direct selling company in the Philippines and we are proudly Filipino-owned Our Mission Driven by our understanding of the direct selling business, - We develop and introduce preferred high-quality and breakthrough products that provide confidence and promote the health and well-being of every individual in the family. - We assure our network maximum profitability, thereby contributing to the improvement of their quality of life. - We actively cultivate synergy and a culture of professionalism in our relationship with suppliers, in that way assuring mutual long term business growth - We ensure fair return on our stockholders’ investment. - We believe we are an organization grown and sustained by competent, highly motivated, and dedicated employees. Thus, we provide them with career advancement and improve their quality of life through equitable compensation and benefits


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