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Nito's Auto Supply, Inc.

About the Company

Over five (5) decades of dedicated work and faithful perseverance made NITO’S AUTO SUPPLY, INC. (NASI) today one of the reputable names in Cebu’s automotive and allied industries.
Established way back in 1964, Nito’s Auto Supply, Inc. started a humble beginning as a single proprietorship of Mr. Juanito I. King.  During that time, it was one of the very first two auto supply stores to open along busy Leon Kilat Street in downtown Cebu City.  The founder, Mr. King, initially managed the business, modestly starting with a complement of just about five (5) employees. After some rough sailing for about a couple of years, the business finally made a considerable smooth entry into the retailing of brand-new spare parts.
The word “Nito’s”, named after the founder, gradually and consistently became a by-word in auto parts industry in Cebu.  By then, Mr. King, got the able assistance of his most enterprising son, Mr. Ricarido Delfin A. King (who later established RDAK Transport Equipment, Inc. (maker of Chariot utility vehicles) and 6R Mercantile (dealer of heavy equipment), to be able to cope up with the management of the growing business.  The synergistic management of the duo proved to be most efficient and effective.  The single proprietorship business was finally incorporated in 1977 and came to be known as Nito’s Auto Supply, Inc.
Having foreseen the good potential of yet another product line closely related to their existing auto supply business,  NITO’s in the late 70’s, entered into the dealership of surplus engines and replacement parts from Japan, one of the few companies then to deal of such products in Cebu. 
The ensuing years witnessed the unprecedented growth of the business.  Expansion then became inevitable in terms of additional facilities and personnel under the effective stewardship of Luis A. King, Sr., (the third son of Juanito and Rufina).
In 1987, the Cebu North Reclamation branch was opened where storage and reconditioning facilities were set-up.  This very logical and timely move gave the company tremendous competitive advantage in providing customer convenience and speed in service with its receiving, storage and distribution facilities all located within the port area.
Under the leadership of Mr. Mario A. King, the youngest son, NITO’S diversified into new product lines such as reconditioned trucks, construction and industrial equipment.  A store branch was established along the main highway of Mandaue City to cater to the needs of the northern Metro Cebu market. 
Meanwhile, the original store along Leon Kilat Street was moved to a brand new 3-storey Nito’s building along Magallanes Street with ample provisions for parking and storage.  To date, the company’s workforce has grown to a total of more than a hundred employees and staff including agencies workers and contractors.
Notwithstanding the economic turbulence the whole country has experienced through the years, the NITO’s management is still bullish about the economy and foresees positive growth in the years to come albeit, in leaps and bounds.  Looking still very positive, especially at the start of the third millennium, NITO’S aims to continuously pursue a more aggressive business stance with the vision that in the near future its surplus automotive and related products would be in quality almost if not synonymous with the brand new ones!  While in pursuit of this ambitious goal, the company prepared itself to face the challenge by inspiringly transforming and professionalizing its most important resource – the personnel or associates of Nito’s Auto Supply.  Another expansion was realized in the year 2000, wherein a branch was established at the Mandaue Reclamation Area.  The facility stands proud of its new modern 5,000 square meter fully covered assembly and reconditioning plant with a showroom where NITO’s can proudly display all its quality products.  In 2012, another expansion was made for its assembly and reconditioning plant located at Barangay Cansojong, Talisay City.
Nito’s Auto Supply is envisioned to be the premier automotive supply company in Cebu adhering faithfully to its social responsibilities, providing transformational employment to its people; and quality products and services to its customers.
This Center for Enterprise is lovingly dedicated in grateful appreciation to the pioneering and entrepreneurial spirits of our Founder, Juanito I. King, the original manager, Ricarido Delfin A. King and Luis A. King, Sr., and to all the dedicated men and women who have, through the years, endeavored selflessly for the success of the Nito’s Auto Supply.
Furthermore, this Center serves as our collective manifestation of appreciation to our foreign partners and suppliers, and our commitment to faithfully provide the best quality and services to all the valued customers of Nito’s Auto Supply.


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