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Maria Josefa Recio Therapeutic Center

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Josefa Hospitaller Foundation is an organization operated by the Religious Congregation of the Hostpitaller Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a congregation which has its base in Italy and is a sister organization of the San Juan de Dios Hospital. In collaboration with its generous benefactors and donors, the Foundation has been providing assistance in the areas of education and mental health care to many underpriveleged families within Pasig, Cainta and Cebu. Through its centers - the Guardian Angel Learning Center (GALC), the Educational Assistance Center (insieme Si Puo), the Maria Josefa Recio Therapuetic Center (MJRTC-Cebu) and the St. Benedict Menni Health Center  - it has continuously improved lives by helping those in need for over 2 decades now.
The Foundation was first established in Cebu in May 1998 under the name of Josefa Hospitaller Educational  Foundation, Inc.   In November of 2005, its main headquarters was moved to where it is now located in Northwood Village, Pasig City.  Its name was changed to Josefa Hospitaller Foundation, Inc. in December of the same year.
It  may trace its roots  as far back as 1881 when the Congregation of the Hospitaller Sisters was founded in Ciempozuelos  Madrid, Spain by St. Benedict Menni , a priest in the order of St. John of God, together with Maria Josefa Recio  (after whom our Therapeutic Center in Cebu is named) and Maria Augustias. All chosen by God and inspired by the love of Christ for a special mission – to exercise the charity of the Hospitaller sisters principally in favor of people  with psychiatric illnesses, physical and learning liabilities.
At present the Congregation is present in several countries in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.  It has over 175 houses in these countries and over a thousand sisters operating in different mission areas all over the world. 
The Congregation established its first house in the Philippines at Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City and started to open doors to young aspirants from different provinces in the Philippines,  This was later moved to Northwood Village where they also started  a charity clinic to help families of depressed areas within the vicinity.  This became the St. Benedict Menni-Health Center (1989).  In 1991, the Educational Assistance Center was established wherein an Italian family would provide children from poor families with educational assistance and other basic needs.   A day care center was also put up in September 2004  where members of the Congregation convened poor children from ages 5-6 to give supplemental feeding and teach them basic education and Christian values. 
In 1992, the Maria Josefa Recio Novitiate house was opened and the sisters carried out their work as volunteers at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu City serving the poor, specifically the mentally ill.  Their daily interaction with the patients is extremely significant and meaningful because the patients themselves expressed the need for psycho-social rehabilitation.  With noble intentions of helping directly, the Congregation put up the Maria Josefa Recio Therapuetic Center in 1999. 
With these developments, the Josefa Hospitaller  Foundation was established in Cebu and from then on, with the help of its generous benefactors, it has moved forward and grown.  This is further evidenced by the establishment of the Guardian Angel Learning Center which came into being  in 2006.
Today, the Foundation is very  privileged to have helped change and improve lives by giving those in need with hope and realization of a brighter future.
Why join us?
It is the Foundation’s mission to create and provide caring, nourishing, and enabling environments for the sick, mentally-ill and young members of our society, particularly the under-privileged.
To produce rehabilitated and empowered individuals.


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