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Exhausted by the long commute that it might take you from your house to your workplace? Want to spend more time in the presence of your family, and want to allot more time to your hobbies? If that’s the case, you’d benefit greatly from a job with a work from home arrangement. Luckily, many companies in Metro Manila already offer WFH arrangements or have begun doing so on a wider scale. To see which specific companies or industries are offering job vacancies that are work from home in nature, look through the listings on Mynimo. We make it easy to find work from home jobs in Metro Manila that are sorted by location and job category. Use Mynimo’s Quick Apply feature and turn in a cover letter or resume for a WFH job now!

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It’s difficult enough for jobseekers to land the position they’re looking for. But sadly, it’s not unfamiliar for them to worry about the time, money, and mental energy they will lose by working onsite. Though Metro Manila is home to a great number of career opportunities, it is also infamous for its traffic and high cost of living. If every employee has to travel back and forth from their home to their workplace every day, there’s no telling how much collective productivity will be lost while they are in transit alone. Moreover, having to deal with problems like traffic jams and public transport delays can take away from the employee’s performance and job satisfaction. In a world where this is the default, both employers and employees have something to lose. That’s why it’s no surprise that many Metro Manila-based companies have adjusted to the times and now offer remote work arrangements. Jobseekers with wide skill sets also have a wide variety of WFH jobs they can apply for. Some examples include teaching English to foreign students, engaging in web development or software design, or doing writing and graphic design work. It’s also not uncommon to see job openings for management consultants or consultants in fields like architecture or engineering. Do you know for sure that you’d like to work from home and spend more time with the things and people you love? You can look for a WFH job in Metro Manila here at Mynimo, where we post up-to-date job listings all the time. Make contact with a potential employer with our Quick Apply feature and send in your application today. Score a position that allows you more freedom and flexibility by searching Mynimo today!

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