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    Admin / Office / Clerical in Liloan, Cebu

    The Municipality of Liloan in Cebu is due for a transformation. The area has a total population of more than 150,000 inhabitants, which is a significant population milestone as it makes the municipality eligible for conversion into a city. In fact, a bill that advocates for this specific change has been filed in 2019. Meanwhile, Liloan is still a part of Metro Cebu, and its residents live near the headquarters of the biggest businesses in the region. People who live in Liloan or are planning to move there can quickly find administrative, office, and clerical jobs in reputable companies by using Mynimo. Look for a job near you in Liloan today!

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    admin office clerical

    A municipality in Cebu, Liloan was founded in 1840 and named after the whirlpool—which is called ‘lilo’ in Cebuano—that usually forms near its shores. The world ‘liloan’ roughly translates to ‘a place where there is a lilo’ in the local language. It is made up of 14 barangays and is among the most highly populated cities and municipalities in Central Visayas. It’s possible that the municipality will be converted into a city in the near future, and this can bring plenty of job opportunities to the people of Liloan. This will enliven the economy of the area, which currently depends on the production of the local delicacy rosquillos, tourism activities, fishing, and ceramic-making. As it is, there are plenty of businesses that are based in the municipality of Liloan. If you’re looking to work in an office setting, the companies in the area often post hiring notices that might suit your career needs. In particular, many businesses in Liloan are looking for office staffers who have training in bookkeeping and accountancy as well as knowledge or experience in administrative tasks and data entry work. If you see yourself working in an office and contributing to the growth of businesses that are based in Liloan, apply for these clerical, administrative, and office jobs in the municipality using Mynimo. Mynimo is designed to make it easier for jobseekers to find hiring notices in their locality. This way, they are able to improve their careers without missing opportunities that will allow them to stay close to their homes and loved ones. Applying to a hiring notice on Mynimo is a simple and straightforward task, and it will connect you directly to the people who can appreciate your skills and experiences. Take your best shot at an administrative, office, or clerical position in Liloan today and jumpstart your job search on Mynimo.

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