IT / Computers in Cebu

Many businesses and nonprofits in Cebu need the talents of talented writers to create all types of content, including for manuals, online courses, technical documentation, and more. If you’ve got an eye for detail, technical writing might just be for you. Use Mynimo to find all the best technical writing jobs in Cebu and other parts of the Philippines today

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technical writer

While we might not always realize it, technical writers are responsible for creating much of the content we need in our day-to-day lives. Whether it’s through online forms, user manuals, textbooks, internet copy, nutrition facts, and other often overlooked things that we read every day, chances are that a technical writer has touched your life. And chances are good that content was written by someone based in Cebu.? Cebu’s large population of highly-proficient English speakers isn’t just valued by international BPOs for spoken customer service jobs. Many of the skills needed to excel at customer service are also transferrable to technical writing. Technical writing has long been an important anchor for the local BPO industry, employing thousands in the area. If you have good language skills, an eye for detail, and want to stay in the Cebu area, then a technical writing job just might be right for you. Mynimo makes it simple to find technical writing jobs in Cebu or other parts of the Philippines. With an emphasis on localization and home-based openings, Mynimo makes it easy to find jobs that fit your lifestyle choices. Download the app today to instantly apply for the best technical writing jobs and more.

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