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Tanza, Cavite is a highly urbanized municipality and a major transportation hub that connects Luzon with the rest of the country. It is one of the most competitive small economic centers of the country and the site of the Cavite Gateway Terminal, the first roll-on, roll-off barge (RORO) terminal in the Philippines. If you live in Tanza or plan to move here, check out Mynimo’s Tanza job listings to get a head start on your career.
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Field Collection Officer (Cavite)
 Home Credit Philippines
Home Credit Philippines 
Tanza, Cavite
Established in 2013
10,000+ employees
2 months ago
Tanza is a relatively small municipality, with an area of just around 78.24 square kilometers and a population of approximately 250,000 inhabitants. However, in historic and economic terms, it is much more prominent in the country than one might expect. The first Philippine constitution was drafted in Tanza and many events of the Philippine Revolution also took place within the borders of this small municipality. The economy is also rapidly expanding, with the relative income of residents having more than doubled since 2009. The municipality is also home to a large number of colleges and other institutions, making it one of the most educated municipalities in the country relative its size. It is also the site of a PEZA economic zone, which is a testament to its booming economy. Its relative closeness to Metro Manila and other urban centers in the area have also made it a destination for all kinds of investment. Tanza is also notable for consistently pushing environmentally-conscious policies in its local government. Notably, it was the second municipality to ban the use of polystyrene and plastic bags, to protect its coastal ecology. With Mynimo’s powerful localization features, it’s simple to find the best jobs in and around Tanza, as well as any other municipality or city in the Philippines. Use Mynimo to start a career in Tanza today.??